I was smiling while I walked alone in my bedroom and then it hits me. I burst into tears, I am crying, still crying, it’s been 1 hour. I cry because every single person I love or loved hurted me so bad. Every fucking friend I have I know how many secrets hide from me. The guy that I love plays me big time But I still can’t let go of him. The memories of my ex loves burn my mind because I cared so much and they left me with nothing. I don’t how I should stop the pain. I don’t know how to do it. I AM SICK of being hurt AGAIN. I honestly don’t know how to be happy and loved and succesful and with friends that are there and real to me. I am sick of lying. I am sick being a puppet. I am sick of being single. I am so fucking sick with this fucking boring every day shit. I am sick pretending that everything is ok when is not. I want someone for once to be real with me. To let me go or simply tell me the truth. Because Maybe I was naive or a bitch, But I told when I cheated, I told when I was hiding something. I apologised. I wasn’t always forgiven but at least I was honest. And not of everyone I know didn’t have the nerve to be real with me.


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