How stupid am I? I actually see with how many girls you talk to, I see how you ask them out, I see how I am not “enough” for you. I actually saw how you told a girl that she was the one that understands you. Not me. 

You don’t talk about me. I am not on your mind. This is so stupid. Why I was putting my heart for someone who doesn’t want me?

You don’t even see me. You only see you. You don’t think team-love. You think you and the hottest girls you can fuck or talk to. 

I need equality. I don’t want to hear every minute how you are so great and I am not. That the mistakes I make, you don’t. The fuck?!

And the worst of all, you lie to me. You always lied to me. Your best friend actually said that you like the girl in your class. The one that you put a bet you can Fuck her first out of all the boys. The girl you told me 3 months ago that you didn’t care about. You didn’t even thought of her. Bullshit. 

You may want to appreciate me. You may want to actually tell me the truth. Because I am so good at loving people. But I made too many times the mistake to put my heart out and let it be crushed by the other. 

You hurt me even if I am so strong now that I barely feel it. But before I sleep, I cry because only then I think about everything. About the truth. The rest of the time I try to see the good in people. Maybe too often. 

Don’t hurt me anymore. Or let me go. Or love me how you should. Or do anything, But don’t hurt me because I don’t deserve it. And I might just leave if you keep pushing my heart to explode because of pain. 


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