“Today I cut myself after a whole year. I promised my boyfriend back then that I will stop. He said he would cut himself too if I continued like that. But he’s not in my life anymore and he didn’t keep any of his promises to me. So I cut myself today. It is good. It is a scarry addicion. For a moment, you feel the pain in your veins not in your heart. You forget how much bad your bestfriend did to you on your back. You forget that everyone you loved and showed you cared turned their back on you. You forget that they used you. You forget that one time you were sexually abussed. You forget that you want to do so much with your life but your family thinks you’re not capable of that. You forget that you can’t be nice anymore because it sucks the life out of you. You forget how many times you were used just for pleasure, not love. You forget all the really bad stuff you find out about people you love or loved. You just feel the physical pain. So it’s good.” 


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