I realise so much now, I want throw myself out of the window. I lost so much and I lost such an important person because I was so stupid. He was so good with me and I was too scared, he was so kind but I was a wreck. Maybe I deserve all this pain, because he was an angel and I was a mess. Maybe he wasn’t the one or some shit, but he loved me in his way. He was real. And I went for the fantasies.

If someone reads this, please don’t be stupid like me. I beg you. If you still care about someone, go after them. Fight. I did but it was too late. Don’t be late like me. Be better. Maybe now you don’t realise how stupid you are because you are in a complete chaos, but press Pause and fight for the one who fights for you, not for the one who just wants your body or wants you only at night. Be smart.

Don’t be stupid. Fight.


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