“I feel like my soulmate broke up with me. I know you are not my soulmate, a good reason being that he would never do that. But I swear to God, you are different because I can’t move on. I cannot stop missing you. And if this was everything that can be between us (I can’t believe this), then I don’t know what is wrong with me. Because I putted my bet on us but you keep pushing me away. I know pain. I’ve been through a lot of shit.. I know pain, believe me. But this, the feeling that we are broken up, that we don’t talk, that I can’t spend the most amazing days with you, that I cannot hear your laugh, your stupid jokes, it breaks me to tears everythime I think of that. And I don’t cry easily. I barely cry. But for you, in the middle of the day, I burst into tears in the supermarket. And the worst feeling is that I don’t think you suffer, I don’t think you care as much as I do. It breaks my heart in ways I cannot explain. And I cannot accept the fact that this, us, is over. I can’t. I know I should start do that, but I just can’t. I don’t care about boys, I don’t care about flirting, I don’t care about anybody else. And I will try. But everytime I talk with someone, I always think you would answer me differently, or you would know exactly what I want to say. And I am so done suffering this much. Missing you is breaking every single atom in my body, and I am supposed to look like I am ok when I am so not. I still think this is love, but you stopped putting your bet on us, when you were the who did it in the first place.


I will forever miss you and I hate that. Because you should fight for me. But you don’t..”





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