Mă ustură pielea
Pe locul de unde te-ai rupt.
Şi mi-e frig.
— Ana Blandiana


Types of Love

Aristotelian Love – Your partner completes you.
Newtonian Love – There’s a strong attraction between your bodies.
Freudian Love – They’re the partner of your dreams.
Lacanian Love – You want them to want you.
Foucauldian Love – You like to discipline and punish.
Hegelian Love – There’s this whole master-slave dynamic.
Shakespearean Love – Sometimes you pretend to be other people in bed.
Joycean Love – Sometimes you see other people.
Arthurian Love – One partner is married.
Schrödingerian Love – On the verge of collapse.
Heisenbergian Love – Moving fast, but you don’t know where it’s going.
Heideggerian Love – When you can’t be without your partner.
Homeric Love – You’re cousins.
Lovecraftian Love – Horrible and indescribable.

Simțeam parfum de amintiri, amintiri grele și șifonate de trecerea timpului. Vedeam chipuri, atat de familiare și totuși toate ascunse de resentimente. Auzeam rasul necontenit al unui copil de 7 ani care se juca în zăpada de abia așternută pe solul înfierbantat de mașini grăbite către serviciul sufocant. Simțeam emoțiile primului orice, de la prima țigară, la primul sărut, la prima iubire, pană la prima dezamăgire. Le simțeam stand pe canapea, cu privirea către ceva ireal. Către sentiment. Am nevoie să simt, să gust ceva bun. Degeaba mănanc ciocolată, am poftă de sentimente. Vreau siguranță că fac ceea ce trebuie. Peste cațiva ani, o sa simt parfumul acestui moment: note de nesiguranță, agonie, îmbinat cu speranțe, dragoste și efort.


Invincible Summer

“She was interested in everything, wanted to experience all that life had to offer.”


“Sometimes I wonder if I’m more motivated by fear than anything else.”


“Doesn’t it drive you insane sometimes, not knowing how it’s all going to turn out? Like, literally anything could happen.”


“Because other people take you at your own valuation?”
“Exactly. Value yourself highly and fight your own corner, because no one else is going to do it for you.”


“The great surprise of the adult world had been that no one really knew what they
were doing, and especially not the people who exuded impenetrable confidence.”


“I guess this is what happens when you grow up. People drift off in their own directions. Sometimes I look around at my job and my flat and my car and can’t believe that people have mistaken me for an adult and let me have all of this. But this is it, isn’t it? We’re the grownups now.”


“After he’d finally disappeared she remained sitting there alone, letting the air darken around her and her hands grow cold and her mind go numb.”


“That was life: you put one foot in front of the other.”