I know you are with somebody. A girl. I just feel it. And it breaks my heart. Because I know I deserve it. That’s the worst part. I did it with my own hands. Not only to yourself, but also to myself.


I am crying so much, and at this moment I realise I cried every day. It’s that phase. Like before. When somebody broke up with me and I was literally alone. Like now. And out of nowhere, friends do not exist anymore, my future seems so complicated, I have no one to talk to, I feel the most lonely. And I need to stay focused because this is the time when I need to make big important desicions about my future. I know this.


But it is SO HARD it is unbelievable how HARD it is to do so when you are broken in millions of pieces, and it seems like nothing has sense anymore, and you just pray and hope and hope and pray.


It is so much pressure. It is so much pain. It is so much overthinking. It is so much loneliness.


It is hard as hell but I know I BELIEVE and I KNOW it will get better. Because everytime I was this low, I raised so much higher in the end.


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