“Got to thinking that life is held together by choices, one after the other. All shapes and sizes. Right or wrong doesn’t matter, because life just keeps unfolding. It won’t wait around for you.If you sit still, it could pass you by altogether. 

I guess I’d like to believe all those choices are made for us the instant we enter into this world. Because if that’s true’ then we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be… forever.”


           “All I have left are memories. Trust me, I remember everything. I remember
her coming home… day after day. Watching her…staring and thinking, I can’t believe
that that woman is my wife. I kept thinking how many times I could’ve told her I loved her. How many times I could’ve showed her, how many times I could’ve loved her hard. Oh, I’d give anything just to be able to tell her, tell her one more… one more time.”

“The world breaks everyone. The very good, the very gentle, the very brave. And those it doesn’t break, it kills.There’s no shame in being a broken man. You just pick up the pieces…
…and start rebuilding.”



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