You lied to me. You ignored me. You were acting so cold.

So I cried. I stayed with my friends, with your friends. I didn’t flirt. I didn’t talk much. I was just going out with my closest friends so I could be forced not to cry. Because I always cried. A day I waited 18 hours for a fucking text. And every hour my soul was getting dried. And I hated myself for being hurt.


So one day, I found out (not from you) that you lied to me.

Several times.


So I didn’t gave a fuck. I wasn’t checking on you, I wasn’t texting you first, I did what you did to me. I knew people. Boys. Nice boys. The kind of boys I would flirt with if I never knew you. And I was so loyal even though you broke my heart.


And for that you ruined a weekend.


You made me feel AGAIN the most unimportant person in this world. You did so many stuff that now I feel numb of pain.


You broke my heart and I told you in the train about this. And you just asked “why”. And you didn’t pay attention to me anymore.

You let someone else to almost ruin us (because she or he definitely ruined my weekend and she knows it). I told you then and I tell you now, don’t you ever trust someone else besides me telling you about myself. Nobody speaks for me. Nobody fucks me over again.


I have seen evil and I have seen people fucking with me too many times.


I found out at the weekend that my closest friend kissed my ex and they both knew how fucked up I am.


This weekend is in the top 3 the worst nights.

I love you so much you have no idea and believe me I have no idea too. I feel surprised of how much you affect me. How much you touch my heart. It is scarry but I know it’s worth it.

Don’t fucking change my mind because I can give you the world.

When I love, I love hard and you will regret if you fuck this up because of other people.


-Vama 2016


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