“I was so overwhelmed with the future. I was getting drunk just to forget about all my thoughts. “You promised yourself you’re gonna leave and go make your dream reality” it was all that I thought. I couldn’t sleep. I barely ate. I was so disappointed with myself.

I lost so much time on fuckboys, fake friends and stupid, judgemental people when I could have been working my ass off to make sure that by now I’d say “I did it”.

But I did spend my time on those stupid things. I can’t turn around time and all of those shitty SHITTY stuff made who I am today. I learned so much about people, about myself, about everything. How friendships work (or DO NOT work, to be more specific), how people can lie to your face and say “I love you” a second after they talked shit about you behind your back, how parents are more complicated than teenagers, how bulimia can suck the life out of you, how cutting yourself is not the solution, how you need to trust yourself and do stuff on your own, and the most important thing, how you need to fucking let go when you feel that staying is worse than leaving.

And if you are like me, not knowing what the fuck are you doing with your life, just try with what you have, and maybe it will work out for the best.”




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