18th June,

You lost me so bad, you lost me, you destroyed me, you fucked me over so much, I couldn’t do the same bad to you even if I tried.

This day was the day when I lettted go. For my sanity, for my happiness, for my fucking worth.

I loved you oh my god how much I loved you.. and you screw it up..BIG time.

I will always love you because when you love someone, you love them forever. Not in the same way. But you’ll always be there.. unfortunately.

Even the people I hurted, they told me I was a good person.

Everyone that knew me, they were sure I had a good heart.

It was not a single human that told me I am a really bad person.

So why the hell you treated me like shit?

I don’t mean cheating. I mean how you spoke to me. How you never apologised. How you made sure that after 2 years I had not a single drop of confidence in myself. How you made sure that I couldn’t have my friends. I lost my fucking friends because of YOU. And they were the most important thing in my world, they were family. …How you loved me in such a toxic way.

My bestfriend told me you were toxic (and she never told me shit about my boyfriends).

My ex bestfriend told me you were toxic.

My mom told you were toxic.

Your fucking friends told me you were toxic (your old friends, not the one’s that saw just the good).

My FUCKING manicurist told me you were toxic (how bad is that?)

Even God told me you were, he made sure I was hurt by you everytime I gave you a chance.

I really believed you were the love of my life. This sounds so silly. The love of my life would actually care not to hurt me. Would love me in such a good really good way. Would make me so damn happy.
Don’t get me wrong. You’re an amazing person. You really are. You have a heart of gold..

But I don’t know how, you barely showed that to me.. And I know you “tried” in your way to get me back.

If I actually was the love of your life (and you told me that), you were so so so so so so stupid to lose me.

Anyway, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I was never the girl for you, otherwise you would have treated me how I deserve.

It sounds bad, but I am so proud of myself for letting go..and girls, if wanna of them reads this, DON’T STAY when your heart says TO RUN.


Good luck E, and oh, the way things go, you’d be surprised how karma is coming back to you. Not revenge, but karma.


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