Help, it’s dejavu

You just don’t care about what I have to say. I was crying in front of you, and you just stand in your bed watching tv and told me that’s all i can do. I WAS CRYING. I WAS FUCKING CRYING. And I forgave you.

You cheated on me so bad with soemone who was too close to me. You told me it was my fault. You just said “I’m sorry it was her” that’s all. And I forgave you.

You cheated your girlfriend with me and you made me wait. Like a whore. I’m still sorry for her. You said it was normal. I forgave you.

You made me feel bad about kissing a boy but you fucked her and then you both came in my home. You made me a liar for months when you were the one who was the most horible person. And I said sorry for months, you didn’t. And I forgave you.

After 3 days when you told me, you said to move one. To move on. And I forgave you.

I broke a guy’s heart for you and I am still sorry about it, but you broke my heart and your bestfriend’s heart and you don’t care about it.

On 15th of August you broke my heart so bad I stayed until 5 a.m. This night is like it.

I begged for you to fight and you just didn’t.

If anyone reads this, even if you know me or not, just tell me I’m not the only one. That I’m not alone.



2 thoughts on “Help, it’s dejavu

  1. Awww! Firstly, it’s blatant to feel heartbroken . But secondly, girl, you’re a writer. You make other people believe in fairytales. How could you give up on your fairytale so early? Don’t lose hope! All will be fine in the end ♥


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